Frosty’s Market-Outside Flea Market Open Saturdays Starting May 25th-September and Possibly Oct.  July 20th there will be no Flea Market Due to Private Event.  If shopping: Time 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Vendors may start getting in at 6:30 a.m.




1) No rain checks or refunds. It’s an all-weather flea market.

2) Vendors are renting space. You will need to provide table(s), chair(s) and other display materials.

3) Canopies and umbrellas are permitted. These and all other items must be completely contained within the rented space, and outside of walkways and driveways, and properly secured.

4) Please bring change. The Market cannot provide change.

5) If using a generator must be where noise or fumes don’t bother other vendors. A whisper quiet generator is recommended. If your generator is too loud or produces fumes you may be asked to turn it off.

6) You are responsible for your own trash.

7) We will not be accepting any food vendors that sell Hot food, Ice cream, Or Drinks.  If you sell something besides these food items, please call Frosty Jacks 814-436-7012 to Inquire About Set-up.  It is the responsibility of all vendors to ensure that they meet all applicable requirements of the PA Department of Agriculture and Health Department, PA Department of Revenue, and IRS Requirements. And all other agencies and authorities which may have jurisdiction. We do not monitor these requirements.

8) Subletting of spots is prohibited. Vendors are held fully responsible for any activity conducted in space(s) reserved in their name.

9) Alcoholic Beverages, Animals of any kind, no living thing finned, feathered, furred, shelled (or otherwise), Counterfeit Items, Drug Paraphernalia, Fireworks, Pornographic Materials are prohibited for free, sale or trade

10) No Dogs Unless It’s a Service Dog

11) No Open Fires or BBQ Grills

12) Vendors: Please take everything with you when you leave, do not leave unwanted items behind. If it becomes a problem, you will not be allowed to come back.



13) Potable water is available at Frosty Jacks. Must Bring Own Containers. There are no water hook-ups in individual spaces.


14) The following information can be delivered to Frosty Jacks 922 Newton Road Pittsfield, PA 16340. Emailed to; or mailed to our office at: Frosty Jacks Market, 922 Newton Road, Pittsfield, PA  16340 Frosty Jacks Carries Liability Insurance for the Grounds.  Frosty Jacks does not carry any Insurance on your set-up or Items Sold and is not responsible for Broken, Lost, or Stolen Goods.  Please if you carry insurance, please send us a copy of it in the amount you carry with Frosty Jacks Market listed as Additionally Insured.  You will need to sign a waiver upon renting a spot. Thank You.

If you are planning to sell packaged baked goods, fudge, cheese, or other “cottage foods” that don’t come from a licensed food facility with labels, please contact the PA Department of Agriculture for labeling, licensing, and handling requirements.


15) To Set up, our Pricing will be $10.00/ 10 ft. Space. A Trailer would be 2 Spots.  Truck and 40 Ft. Trailer would be 5 Spots. You will be charged for as many spaces as you fill. You can Call for Your Spot Tues-Thurs. 4 p.m.-8 p.m. or Fri 12 p.m.-9 p.m. (If calling for your spot, you must pay with a credit card, and we will give you the best assigned spot available and your assigned Spot Number.  Waivers will need to be signed upon entering the Flea Market on Saturday). You may also Pay at Gate the day of Flea Market. (If paying at the Gate you will be required to give information, Sign Waiver, and pay for your spot).  We will not take credit cards at the gate.  Cash Only Save Time and Fill Out Your Information and Waiver Online at Top of Page Under Flea Market

Patrons: .50 to get in to Shop at the Flea Market.  Kids 15 and Under Free Parking

Frosty Jacks Restaurant will be offering food.

If any questions email: or call 814-436-7012 or Need More Info go to